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I got the Enterprise Bank job!!! :DD I start in about 3 weeks, on the 23rd. Even that first week of training is nearly 40 hrs, woo :3 I can't wait to start making real money. ._.; I've only just started being appreciative that I was getting a paycheck at all haha, but it'll be great to actually make a good amount.. ^__^

Went out to eat last night at a KBBQ place to celebrate Thuy-an's return home~ :3 It was fun! Was a shame Linda couldn't come though. I spent WAY more money than I should have. ^^;;; Spending that much money on clothes though makes me realize that I could very easily afford the subscription fee for FFXIV: ARR. I WANT TO PLAY

I also completed my Nuzlocke challenge! :D Click here to see my wonderful team hehe. I grinded tons so there wasn't any real danger of my failing really ^^; I feel really bad for Andy, though .. he's having a much tougher time of it with Fire Red than I had with Ruby XD; I hope he makes it to the end too, though! That was a lot of fun, but I'm not sure I'd ever do it again, haha.

Pokemon X & Y themed Nintendo Direct tomorrow! Will they finally announce dat Pokemon 3DS XL bundle? They better. -_-

My headset & Xbox 360 Controller Wireless Receiver came in today, but both suck. ._. The headset doesn't hurt my head any less than my current Rocketfish one, as well as having some worrying warning about it containing some material that may cause cancer (wtf), & I can't figure out how to get the wireless receiver to work. :| Of course, it's a 3rd party one so it's my fault for going with it, but meh. I'll try getting it to work again tomorrow, but otherwise, both things are being returned to Amazon~


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